About Us ~

Scentinvent™ Technologies is a fragrance incubator, innovation and licensing company that is re-imagining the use of fragrance through its innovative formulas and unique delivery systems creating a whole new level of fantasy for the consumer.

Our goal is to offer our clients a new way to present their favorite fragrances with a different experience using innovative formats and delivery systems.

We have re-imagined the category for what today’s consumers want and need. For the travel ready girl or guy-on-the-go, to the active social media user, our unique formulas and portable components will enhance your customer’s use of fragrance in their daily routine.

Our proprietary formulations are designed to use a unique method and process to enhance, excite and delight your customer’s fragrance journey and in turn offer a unique experience and point of view in fragrance. Our innovations offer color fragrance that is pretty, playful, portable, clean and social media savvy.  YES! They are fun to show off!

Scentinvent™ has created a NEW way for fragrance fans of all ages to experience their beloved scents in a new and fresh way.

The Story ~

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