Everyone is looking for new creative ways to bring beautiful fragrances to life.  With ScentInvent’s cutting edge innovation (form), scent delivery systems (function) and solutions for accessing, trying and buying fragrance (fantasy), they have found a new and exciting way to reignite passion in the beautiful World of fragrance.
Mara Dumski - International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.  |  Senior Account Executive | Fine Fragrance & Beauty Care Sales

What Fragrance Fans Are Saying About ScentInvent Product Offerings

The texture is fantastic. It is silky, smooth and fast drying
Easy to apply and rewarding with immediate satisfaction
Fun, creative, interesting and interactive products
It is unique and personable
Customizable, fresh, rejuvenating and portable
I am genuinely loving your innovative products. I am so impressed by the extended wearability of my fragrances.